french vanilla and milk chocolate cake filled with fresh raspberries & chocolate ganache


vanilla cake filled with fresh strawberries & strawberry cream


peanut butter cake filled with chocolate and peanut butter buckeye filling

toasted almond

almond cake filled with white ganache & fresh raspberries

lemon lemon

lemon cake filled with lemon cream & fresh blueberries

red velvet

red velvet cake filled with cream cheese mousse

cookies and cream

vanilla and chocolate cake filled with oreo mousse

coffee lovers

mocha cake filled with mocha mousse, ganache & heath toffee chips


buttercream with fillings~ $4.50 per serving

buttercream with no filling~ $4.00 per serving

fondant and carved cakes~ $7.00 per serving

sugar flowers~ by estimate

discounts for orders over 200 servings

delivery to columbus and surrounding areas~$25-$75

~100 serving minimum for wedding cakes

tasting & consultation n/c but must meet the minimum in order to schedule

we do offer a section on smaller cake designs that you may order and pick up.

here is a link to order small cake